Goal Setting-the critical thing I FORGOT my first year in business!

2020 was a transitional year where I finally got the courage to start my own business. I quit my job and started working for myself. This was completely new territory for me! I was used to the structure of my old role and I had teams of people to help me get results. I floundered for the first 6 months...

I had to manage myself!

Now I only had one employee (me) and she is really stubborn when it comes to change, being held accountable, and staying focused!!!! That meant I spent quite a bit of my first 6 months working on the wrong things. UGH. My time was just as valuable as it was before and efficiency has become even more important because I can’t delegate to any other employees. I was constantly getting distracted by the “shiny new penny". This was exacerbated by the fact that I wasn't really sure where I was headed-I HAD NO DIRECTION OR END GOAL (except to be busy and make lots of money HAHA!)

My A-HA moment came one night when I couldn't sleep. I could apply the skills I used in my last career to manage myself in this new venture. I needed to get back to what made me successful in my last career and apply it to this one!

I had 20 years of experience managing teams. I could apply that to my new business and get myself focused! My teams were successful because we were all aligned in the results we were trying to achieve. This is because we sat down and planned them out each year!

We decided where we wanted to go, decided together how we wanted to get there, and held each other accountable to sticking to the plan. Goal setting 101! We didn't always hit the target BUT we always moved closer to it in some way. The KEY was that there was a target!

I needed a Plan

While I was always pretty self-motivated, I had never worked completely for myself. There is no one to answer to or help hold me accountable for results. I needed a new way to stay laser focused on what I wanted my business to be, have a daily reminder of the direction I wanted to move, and most importantly, WHY I want to make that shift.

Enter my “Vision Board” and goal setting process

I knew I wanted to change up how I did my planning since I was starting fresh! I found some examples of Vision Boards online and it just felt right.

A vision board is simply a board where you put visual representations of where you want to be and WHY you are working towards those goals. They can be personal or professional in nature.

The process of setting priorities, goals and creating the vision board was the perfect way for me to transition my skills from my previous career and combine them with my need for creativity. It remains a beautiful piece of art that also keeps me focused on the main 4 areas of my life I have goals for 2021. I placed my board directly across from my desk so it is the first thing I see when I look up. Now that I have the daily reminder, I have been much more focused on my priorities and spending the majority of my time doing things that will drive change in those areas.

I must share my excitement for this process

While the idea isn’t mine the process of taking someone through setting goals that are realistic and achievable and turning those goals into a creative piece of art is a perfect fit for me and my new business venture! The best part is, it can be applied to anyone for any goal they want to work towards.

The “Vision Board Workshop” is born!

This new workshop can be done by a single person, group of friends, or as part of a team meeting for your group. In about 2 hours, I take you through setting goals that are consistent with your values and using visual images of those values to create a piece of art that will represent those goals. It will be different for each participant and they will leave with a completely unique piece of art that will help them to focus on their goals. The workshops can be held in person or via Zoom and I provide all the materials you or your team will need to complete the project.

My Vision Board workshop is perfect for teenagers, clients of personal trainers, corporate teams, sports teams, and anyone else who believes that setting goals and staying focused on that direction is critical to making positive changes in areas of your life or business.

Do you know a group that would benefit?

You can book your workshop HERE

Don't have a group?

I offer this as a kit or downloadable printable. Check them out HERE

Not Sure what you are in for??

Here are the 6 steps to my vision board workshop: If you don’t want to schedule a workshop you can purchase the downloadable copy of my interactive workbook here:

1. Determine your current values/priorities in your life (the areas where you spend the most time and focus). Are they consistent with what you want or are you prioritizing the wrong areas to move you in the direction you want to go?

2. Reprioritize your values! Commit to yourself that you will spend the majority of your time focusing on the areas in your life that you want to move.

3. Determine your BIG Picture!

4. Set Your MANTRA-Mine is “Progress over Perfection” because I get stuck on something if I can’t get it finished perfectly. That is my goal for everything on my life in 2021!

5. Get CREATIVE!!!!! You can look through magazines or on the internet for inspirational photos and quotes that remind you of your goals. This part is the fun part when you have a workshop. I supply ALL the materials for you to really make your board something meaningful. Paper, paint, canvas, decorative papers, tapes and embellishments all at your disposal. OMG!

6. Find a meaningful space to display your artwork where you will see it daily and be reminded of the lens you want to put all things through when you decide to say “yes” to one more thing…

I have my vision board displayed directly in front of my desk where I look up and it is the first thing I see! It is a constant reminder of what my focuses are in life (and a beautiful piece of art that makes me smile)

I can’t wait to work with you or your group! Ready to book a workshop? Click HERE to schedule it with me.

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