How to Paint a Winter Night Scene

Welcome to the first Artsy Kids Club of 2021! Today's project is learning how to paint a winter night scene. This technique can be the start of several different projects and be adjusted to lots of different color schemes!

Here is a look at an example of the finished product

Let's start with supplies!

  • Canvas or card stock (white or black) My example is done on black!

  • Acrylic paint (white, blue, purple, pink, green)

  • Wide paint brush (Artsy Club members use the "purple" brush from your kit)

  • Construction paper in assorted colors

  • White glue

  • Scissors

I have several kits you can get by clicking this link that are perfect for a crafty home!

This is the list that I used to create! If you have another winter scene in mind experiment with paint colors for the background and different components of the scene. This is a great project to try out different ideas.

Here is a short video on how to paint the background:

Step 1: Paint a white circle in the upper right corner

Step 2: Using a circular motion, blend blue paint in with the edges of the white. Make sure you do this while the paint is wet so the colors blend.


Step 3: Continuing to use the same circular motion, start blending in purple as you move out from the white circle.

Step 4: Alternate the blue and purple as you cover the entire canvas. Don't for get to paint in a circular motion all the way to the edges!

Step 5: Blend in some white paint in sections to add highlights. Do this while the paint is still wet so it all blends together nicely!

Step 6: Experiment with pink, light blue, or green to add different highlights. Have fun with it!!!

Here are some examples of how you can give your background a different look by blending in other colors:

Cut your scene pieces out!

While your canvas dries, decide what you want your scene to look like! Cut your elements out of the construction paper. Glue them together and then onto the canvas. You can even just paint them on! The possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild! Here are some examples...

I can't wait to see your creations! When you are finished, please ask your parents to share them with me! I have a hashtag that I use if you would like to share it. My Facebook page is You can post them there OR share using the hashtag #CreativeAtHomeArt

I hope I will see you next Thursday at 4:30 for our next project. Remember, all the events are on the Facebook page so you can see what is coming!

Thanks for joining the Artsy Kids Club! I can't wait to see the rest if your creations in 2021! If you enjoy what we are doing please ask your parents to share it with your friends so we can have more members to paint with. All of the clubs I offer are listed HERE!