Supply List for Online Artsy Clubs!

Welcome to the Online Artsy Club. We are going to have a great time getting creative together. I can't wait to get to know you and your families as we paint together each month. Here is the list of supplies you will want to keep on hand so that you are always ready to get creative. You never know when I will post something fun that you just have to do!

Note: I have provided links to my recommended supplies from Amazon to make it easy on everyone. (These are affiliate links so click the photos and it will take you to Amazon). You are welcome to use what you have on hand or purchase from somewhere else but these will be the supplies I am talking about during all my events.

Must Haves...


Our standard canvas is an 11x14 canvas board (also called a panel). You can also choose a wrapped canvas. Boards look great framed or displayed on an easel, wrapped canvas are easy to hang on a wall. We like the 11x14 size because it's the perfect size to display in your home and fits within our time frame to paint. You can use larger canvas but keep in mind larger canvas needs bigger brushes, bigger easels, more paint, and more table space. Don't have canvas on hand? No worries, you can paint on paper, wood, cardboard...use your imagination!


Your best bet is a water-based acrylic paint. A student grade paint is perfect. At a minimum you want the primary colors as well as black and white.

To simplify mixing we recommend Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White, and Brown. For extra fun you can add neons, metallics, shimmers, and glitter!


You will need a variety of flat and round. A larger brush for the background, a medium brush for shapes and a smaller brush for the details. Here are the recommended sizes

  1. Round brush #3

  2. Round brush #6

  3. Flat Shade Brush #8

  4. Flat Shade Brush #12

  5. 3/4" Glaze Wash Brush

Nice to haves...


You can also use a paper plate or plastic lid. Tip-cover your palette with Press 'n Seal Wrap to make clean-up a snap!

Water Cup-any cup will do, just make sure it is sturdy enough not to tip over!


You don't necessarily need an easel, you can hold your canvas or lay it flat on the table. You can even fashion one out of a pizza box

Graphite Paper

This will come in handy for tracing a guide on the paintings. Think carbon paper...

Apron or Paint Clothes

...because painting is fun, but messy!

Paper towels-like we said, messy!

Don't forget to cover your table and floor. Wear your paint clothes!

We will use these supplies for the Monthly paintings as well as the weekly smaller projects. I am so excited to paint with you. If you have any questions about any of the supplies email me at and I will assist!

Let's Paint!

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