Yarn Wrapped Cardinal

This is a fun and easy craft that can really bring out the creativity in your kids! I love this one because it is very versatile and uses materials most of us already have on hand!

The example we are doing in this post is of a cardinal but this can be done in any shape you can cut out of cardboard. Get your creative brain flowing and let's get wrapping!


  • Cardboard (all those Amazon boxes can come in handy)

  • Yarn, any color

  • Glue (I prefer hot glue because it dries quickly but any glue will do)

  • Scissors

  • Construction paper or craft foam for details

  • Feathers, eyes, sequins, etc...

Step 1:

Sketch the shape on the cardboard and cut out.

Step 2:

Using a dot of glue, attach the yarn to the cardboard and start wrapping around the card board until it is completely covered. Over-lap and change directions to make it look interesting and add texture.

Step 3:

Cut the yarn and tuck under the other yarn. Secure with a dot of glue

**The steps beyond this point are specific to the cardinal craft. If you are making something else, be creative on how you add your details! Have fun wit it.

Step 4:

Make a pompom by wrapping the yarn around your first 3 fingers. Wrap the yarn around the loops closer to one end. Secure with a dot of glue. On the side that is away from the wrapped section, cut the loops to make it flair out. Add to the body of your bird with glue to make the wings. Add fringe to the top of the head as well. If you have feathers, those can be used here instead.

Step 5:

Cut a black piece for the face and a yellow triangle for the beak. Cut 2 legs out of the black. Glue the legs behind the bird near the center of the body. Glue face and beak to the face and add an eye.

All done! Check out the video for another look!

Try different colors of yarn and make different kinds of animals. Here are a few other examples of things you can make:

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